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Why People Play Farmville

Good essay here on why people are so addicted to Farmville:

Cultivated Play: Farmville

Facebook Details Hacked

So some “jerk” for want of a better word has collected and published the personal details of 100 million Facebook users. I’m not even going to mention this guy’s name as I’m certain he’s out for recognition – no different to the idiot that released an iPhone virus just because it could be done (only on jailbroken phones).

Basically this hacker used a piece of code to scan Facebook profiles, collecting data not hidden by the user’s privacy settings. He released it to torrent users worldwide to download.

What. An. Ass.

Facebook have this to say:

“People who use Facebook own their information and have the right to share only what they want, with whom they want, and when they want,” the statement read.

“In this case, information that people have agreed to make public was collected by a single researcher and already exists in Google, Bing, other search engines, as well as on Facebook.

“No private data is available or has been compromised,” the statement added.”

I’m certain my name does not appear in this download as I have only allowed trivial information to be broadcast to the world (name, bio, etc.) but please if you read this and own a Facebook page, go to your privacy settings and customize them so that only your friends can see your personal details.

BBC News have more details here

Free iPhone 4 Case from Apple? Yes Please

Check this link over on SimonBlog to see how to go about getting a free iPhone 4 case/bumper from Apple – it’s their way of sorting out the car crash that is the “antennagate” issue.

You’ll need this app: iPhone 4 Case Program app and an iTunes account. As of yet I’m not entirely sure whether it’s exclusive to the US or not – I don’t have an iPhone 4 yet so I cannot verify this but perhaps some Irish iPhone 4 owner can…

iPhone 4 Antenna Song

Apple actually started their press conference today with this gem:

follow the Apple iPhone 4 Conference on TechCrunch or click this link for the most recent update entitled “We’re not perfect”

Aprés Match: Latest Weather | Wayne Rooney

Shown during the France v South Africa World Cup 2010 match

Sky Sports Discuss Wayne Rooney

Aprés Match: Brian Lenihan | George Hook

Tonight with Vincent Browne: Brian Lenihan & Joan Burton (Brazil v North Korea)

George Hook in love with Sky (South Africa v Uruguay)