Culchie Dictionary

A- Arseways = Mishmash, total mess
B- Bang On = Correct, perfect
Banjaxed = Broken, severely damaged
Bogger = A person of rural extraction
Boyo = Male juvenile
Brutal = Awful, terrible
Bjore = Cork term for woman
C- Close = the air is humid
Craic = Fun
Culchie = A person whos birthplace is beyond Dublin city limits
D- Deadly = Great, brilliant, fantastic
Doss = Failure to attend school/work during specified hours
Dry Yoke = Someone of limited social skills
E- Eat the head off = To complain about in an aggressive manner
Eejit = Person of limited mental capacity
F- Fair Play! = Well done!
Feck Off = You are not serious
Fiek = North Mayo term for a good looking male
Fierce = Very, extremely
Fine Thing = Attractive man or woman
Full Shilling(not the) = Mentally challenged
G- Gaf = Home
Gee-eyed = Having partaken of large quantity of alcohol
Get off with = Be successful with a romantic advance
Go on out of dat! = I am not in agreement with your suggestion (Dublin Vernacular)
Gobsheen: Person of below average IQ
Gurrier = Hooligan
H- Hang Sangwich = A fine Sandwich
Heavy Close = the air is quite humid
Hop = Play truant from school
Howaya = Hello, hi, literally: How are you
J- Jackeen = A rural persons name for a dubliner
Jackmahoney = A rural persons slang term for a kinsman (can be an insult)
Jack = Version of Jackmahoney, used when time is short
Jacks = Toilet
Jammers = Extremely crowded
Janey Mack = expression of utter disbelief
Jo Maxi = Taxi
K- Kip = A dump (relating to one’s abode)
Knackered = Very tired
L- Langer = of Cork origin. Various meanings: Eejit, one’s close compatriot, love term, insult, term for the male genital organ
Lash = to rain heavily/attractive woman
Leg It = To flee rapidly
Luder = Culchie term for someone being an ass
Lúdramán = Irish Gaeilge term for Luder
M- Mankey = Filthy, disgusting
Mill = Publin brawl
Mitch = To play truant
Mot = Girlfriend
N- Nip = Nude
O- Omadhán = Irish Gailge term for Eejit
Oul’wan = Mother
Oul’fella = Father
P- Paralytic = So over the alcohol limit one passes out
Plastered = Very drunk
Puss = sulky face
S- Scanger = Chav from Dublin (north)
Scarlet = Embarrassed, blushing
Scratcher = Bed
Scrubber = Woman of little sophistication
Sham = Gypsy from Galway
Shattered = Very tired, requiring sleep
Shhtate of you = You don’t look well
Shhtuff for ya = You deserved that
Slag = Make fun of
Slapper = Female of low morals and poor taste in clothing
T- Thick = Extremely stupid
W- Wagon = Unattractive woman
Wahu = North Mayo slang term for Hello
Wrecked = Extremely tired /ugly
Y Yer wun = Female whose name is unknown
Yar wa?! = Alleged method of proposing to ones sweetheart on Dublins northside

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