Culchie Phrasebook

The Culchie Phrase-Book. It is believed this originated in the
west of Ireland. Particularly Mayo and Galway and a little from Tipperary.

The following is a list of words and phrases that can often be heard
in Culchiedom :

Eeejit :
Somebody less intelligent than oneself. i.e. a
complete fool altogether

G’wan ta feck autt a dat:
Please go away

A shlap in the face of a brick:
To be struck square in the face with a brick

A soft day :
Miserable weather

Hardy man :

Someone who can survive waking up buck naked in
filthy ditch water on January the first after a year long drinking session

Machine :
General purpose term used to refer to any man made implement more advanced than a pitch fork

Hang sangwich :
Salty ham surrounded by two slices stale brown bread. A buffer of cheap margarine, preferably Blue-Band (half inch thick) must separate the ham from the bread. A top class hang sangwige
will of course contain a sprinkling of sand.

A paka ha tayho :
A bag of crisps

Finches, ave’u the :
Have you the Finches orange soda

Any girl an older man would like to get his leg over.

Land Rover :
Usually a ford escort van that has seen better days.

Mighty :
Indicative of something being very good

Craic :
fun, as in Mighty Craic or The Craic was Mighty

Locked :
very drunk

After a few shcoops :
reasonably drunk

Flahed :
a state of extreme exhaution, usually brought on by
consecutive locked nights

Fien :
Man whose name is unknown, or unremembered at the present time.

Fine piece of shtuff :
used to describe a person considered attractive.

Yoke :
Just about anything whose proper description doesn’t spring to mind

Fierce :
It is, yes.

Someone very high in the “Eeejit” stakes but will
generally be a tourist or perhaps from Dublin.

Yoke-m-abus :
Any form of motorised transport

An onmercifull fay-ad :
A very large Sunday dinner

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