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Down El Creekio

So it appears that the whole world is in trouble…once again. The recent G20 conference had all the leaders of the world in one room shouting and roaring about how to spend $1 Trillion. Why dollars…that probably works out at about €20. Anyway, Obama reckons the G20 was a turning point, “This is the day that the world came together to fight back against the global recession. Not with words but with a plan for global recovery and reform.”

Fair play to ya Obama but how is that going to help us here in Ireland. The plan more or less says that the richer countries help the poorer ones – I’m a bit frightened as Ireland is rated quite high up on the rich list, or at least on the expensive list, and here we are down the creek with Mary Harney as the anchor (good thing or bad thing?), Brian “There is no Recession” Cowen as the Captain and Brian Lenihan as the paddle.

I’m sure the Three Stooges and their Entourage will get us through, even though they reckon it will take at least 5 years – I hope that’s not Irish Time!

David Wilkerson has another view on what is happening today and it’s quite interesting. Wilkerson found and runs a HUGE church in Times Square, New York City and his blog can be found here. If you can’t be bothered wading through his bits and pieces, I have kindly found his views on the global recession, click on this link: An Urgent Message.

I am taking this global crisis with a pinch of salt, yes it has affected me as I have not had as much work as I would have liked, but I think people are going a bit overboard. There is no need to be sacrificing bankers…yet. It is true, people are greedy, and the more money you have, the more you want – maybe being dirt poor has its advantages! But seriously, people need to just let go of this fascination with money – learn to hug more.

Yesterday Alfie (my dog) decided he would help our home budget by attempting to eat a fiver. Rach (my wife) found it and I rushed to her side. We did not cry. I did not give the dog the “wildest bating”. I held the fragments aloft and Alfie crawled into his bed very, very sorry. I sellotaped the jigsaw back together and will try and use it in a shop…somewhere.

Laugh…hug…jump…but don’t get upset over money

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