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T-Shirt of the Fortnight

Saw this in Carrolls in Belfast yesterday … “Titanic – built by Irishmen, sunk by an Englishman”


10 Email Scams to Watch Out For

Good post about email hackers and scams from TechRepublic

10 Email Scams

Prem-Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas? (Don’t Beat Portsmouth)

Now this is just plain funny…

Your Point of View…

Which one are you…

Culchie Medical Dictionary

ARTERY: The study of Paintings

BACTERIA: Back door of a cafeteria
BARIUM: What doctors do when a patient dies
BOWEL: A letter like A, E, I, O or U

CAESAREAN SECTION: A neighbourhood in Rome
CAT SCAN: Searching for a cat
CAUTERIZE: Had eye contact with her
COLIC: A Sheep Dog
COMA: Punctuation Mark

DILATE: To live long

ENEMA: Not a friend

FESTER: Quicker
FIBULA: Small lie

GENITAL: Not a Jew

HANGNAIL: Coat hook

IMPOTENT: Distinguished, well-known

Getting hurt at work

MEDICAL STAFF: A doctor’s cane
MORBID: A higher offer

NITRATES: Cheaper than day rates
NODE: Was aware of

OUTPATIENT: A person who has fainted

PAP SMEAR: A fatherhood test
PELVIS: A cousin to Elvis
POST-OPERATIVE: Letter Carrier

RECOVERY ROOM: A place to do upholstery
RECTUM: Damn near killed ’em

SECRETION: Hiding something
SEIZURE: Roman emperor

TABLET: Small table
TERMINAL ILLNESS: Getting sick at the airport

ULTRASOUND: Very good music
URINE: Opposite of “You’re Out”

VEIN: Conceited

T-Shirt of the Fortnight

I love T-Shirts…I love T-Shirts that say something…I love T-Shirts that say something funny…

Bishop NT Wright on Blogging

Found this on Paul Cawley’s Posterous – Bishop NT Wright talks about Social Networking and Blogging. It’s quite good…

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