I’ve just got myself a MacBook Pro…awesome piece of technology! Having defected from the Windows camp after about 13 years, I can safely say that I made the right choice. Yes, I will keep the Dell “Windoze” lying around in case of an emergency (although I can’t think of one right now) but my computing heart now belongs to that crunchy Apple! In fact, earlier on I tried to simply email myself a copy of my calendar in Microsoft Outlook so I could import it into iCal and it crashed three times – it was as if XP knew what I wanted the calendar for!

For those of you who are debating a Mac (and are sick of “Windoze” and its unstable mind, at least try one out…borrow from a friend – he/she would be delighted to let you use his/her most precious commodity!
I pressed three buttons and screen-clipped this image straight to my desktop! Click the picture to read the rest of the “What can a Mac do” thread, the funniest post being “Mac’s don’t run the 50,000 viruses that PC do”


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