Facebook Top of the Risk – Security Solutions

Good link here on how the Internet monsters are targeting Social Network sites such as Facebook: CLICKY

Facebook seems to make a lot of money through adverts – ever notice how the ads down the side of the page are in some way relevant to you? That’s FB letting those companies know your details: Age/Sex/etc – undo the default setting in your Settings link at the top of the page and also make sure you rummage through the Privacy Settings so that your personal details are not visible to everyone who stumbles on your page (Facebook has recommended settings but these are fairly rubbish).

Best thing to do is to NOT click on links that you don’t know or trust – same as you’d do in an e-mail! Most of these monsters are just messing around with your system and throwing Malware (Malicious Software) at you – obviously Mac users are exempt from this!

If you do feel that your security has been compromised click HERE to see how to save your PC


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