iPad You Not!

It looks awesome and be honest – you want one! But seriously consider the pros and cons before you make that leap and remember – the iPad is NOT a computer – it runs a Phone OS, so in effect it’s really a bigger version of the iPhone with a couple more features thrown in.

The Good

  • Net-work it! The iPad is not an Operating System and will lack any problems that may have arisen had it been an OS (Google: Windows Tablet). It is completely user-friendly and is a lot more than an iPhone/iPod Touch – it’s a complete network appliance that you can take anywhere.
  • 10 Hours of Battery! OK we’ll be a little cautious here as the iPhone was promised to have a good batter (only if it was completely turned off) but the iPad has GOT to have a decent battery if it can be used as a Reader.
  • Speaking of reading…the iPad boasts probably the most advanced Reader you’ll see – Bookshelf and reading in the dark to name a couple of its features.
  • Appy! (Pun-time) Yes you will be “Appy” when you see the amount of Apps available (140,000 already available)
  • Games – think of it like a PSP multiplied by 6 – the screen is huge for a portable games console and add to that the fact that most games are fairly cheap, could the iPad become the top handheld gamer?
  • Media Frenzy – Photos, Movies and TV Shows look awesome on this HD screen
  • 1GHz A4 Processor – translation: Darn Fast!
  • iTunes Store – you can assess the iTunes Store and download…whatever you want…I guess
  • News – as you can see, the New York Times looks awesome on the iPad and apparently so do you RSS feeds and your E-Mail

The Bad

  • Where’s the keyboard? It’s hidden…and pops up when you need it…but does that mean that Apple need to install a chip inside our brains so our iPads know when we need the keyboard?
  • Don’t Net-work it – AT&T have the contract for the iPad; does this mean the already congested network because of the iPhone will become even more congested? And what about those of us over the Atlantic – is the iPad tied down to o2? And then you’re going to need to spend some cash on a data plan…and if you want a good speed you will need to buy one of the more expensive 3G iPads!
  • It won’t fit in my pocket!! The screen is 10 inches…about the same as a Netbook…and close to a MacBook. Will Netbooks be rejuvenated to conform to the tablet?
  • Phone OS – yes the OS is designed for a networked device but this supposed advantage turns south when we consider multi-tasking (the flagship feature of the Palm Pre) and this means ONE app at a time.
  • Locked! Apple has, obviously, locked the iPad to…Apple – you can only install apps from Apple, you can only buy the bells and whistles from Apple  (the adaptors for plugging in USB, etc.) and you cannot remove the battery. Not to mention you can’t install anything essential…like Flash…so no YouTube.
  • 16, 32 or 64 Gigs are your options – bear in mind that a BluRay DVD is about 6 Gigs and you see that you might have trouble in the future and if you do go for the 64G, be ready to shell out the cash.
  • No Bells? – there are no USB ports or Flash Memory Slots (for upgrading your memory/storage). You can buy an adaptor that connects your iPad to your USB via a dock…but that sounds more hassle and more money
  • Video killed…the iPad star? There’s no camera so don’t worry about ruining humanity with your Vlogs hosted on YouTube…because you can’t record voice or video! And while we’re on the subject of video…your HD movies are limited to 480p but that doesn’t really matter because you can’t output to your HDTV anyway!
  • How do I hold it? OK this isn’t really a bad thing but the guy in the video holds it on his legs while he’s curled up on the couch…and he looks cool doing it. But what if you’re sitting on an airplane? Maybe we’ll wait for some feedback from iPad users before we start assaulting how to hold the thing!

The Verdict

    Well I won’t be getting one! But only because I already have the portability of the iPhone and the MacBook…I would be tempted otherwise but until it can run GarageBand and Final Cut simultaneously, I won’t be crossing to the dark side!

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