Help…I’m a PC!

You turn on your computer one morning and realise that things are a little sluggish…”Didn’t this PC start up quicker the other day?” you ask yourself. Or worse…you load up Firefox and Outlook at the same time and the screen hangs, eventually crashing completely or giving you the Blue Screen Of Death. It’s time to do a little maintenance and here are the tools to help you:

Kaspersky OR ESET NOD32– the former is a big heavyweight Anti-virus and Internet Security Suite, the latter is Anti-virus only but it does offer some Spyware removal – use one or the other, they will cost you but they are worth every penny

ZoneAlarm – Excellent Firewall, I’ve used this for about 7 years (also offers Spyware and Anti-virus) – the All-In-One Internet Security Suite is top class, although it does cost.

McAfee – Complete computer protection but it will cost you.

Comodo – Another very good Firewall and Anti-virus, for the complete Internet Security Suite you’ll have to pay.

SuperAntiSpyware – Spyware/Adware/Malware remover, very comprehensive Free Edition (for real-time scanning you need to pay for the upgrade).

Lavasoft – Adware/Spyware remover (for Anti-virus you need to pay to upgrade to Pro).

AVG Free – Free Anti-virus and Anti-spyware but be warned as AVG has a reputation for returning false positives.

TuneUp Utilities
This bad boy rocks and comes LOADED with … Utilities! From speeding up your PC to changing the Login Screen – this program can do it all! I’ve used this guy for a couple of years now and bar the lag when it defrags, it’s 10/10!

Glary Utilities
A free version of TuneUp and takes care of the essentials that you will find with TuneUp, just minus the bells and whistles!

Those little temporary files that hang around may as well be called permanent because unless you get rid of them…they will remain. This is where CCleaner comes in (initially called Crap Cleaner!) and cleans the mud out of your system – it will not remove anything essential and only cleans the rubbish you specify…and it’s free!

Naturally none of these programs will help you if you have a fatal system error and you cannot even get your PC going when you turn it on. This is where Acronis True Image comes in: you take an image of your complete system state either when you first purchase your PC (and have all updates installed) or when you think your PC is running at its optimum level. You will need an external Hard Drive to back this data on to or be prepared to use multiple DVDs because we are talking TENS of gigabytes. It is worth it – True Image has saved my bacon on many occasions!

RollBack RX
If you have the money for Acronis but not the external Hard Drive or the spare blank DVDs, you can try RollBack Rx. What this guy does is take a snapshot of your hard drive when you boot up and whenever you want really. This is very handy also for recovering files and works almost like Mac’s Time Machine, the only problem is that sometimes the snapshots can become corrupt.

Both Acronis and RollBack can be booted into from when you first start you computer, in fact Acronis even comes with a recovery boot disk for desperate circumstances!


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