App Genie

I’m a big fan of iPhone Apps that un-clutter your home screens – we only have 11 to play around with! I purchased AppBox Pro a month or two back and it seemed to do the trick – it came with a nice Dashboard that included upcoming holidays, storage indicator, battery meter and a currency updater. It also includes a Clinometer, Battery Life Info, Currency Converter, Days Until, Flashlight, Holiday Alarm, Loan Calculator, “pCalendar” (for the ladies), Price Comparison, Ruler, Price Adjuster, System Info, Tip Calculator, Translator, Unit Converter and some other customizable links. It does the job but it is a little Windows 3.1-in-colour-looking. The biggest advantage AppBox has is that you can customize what you see…so men don’t need to look at the pCalendar whenever they start up the Box!

However, the guys over here at CNET informed me of another “Swiss-Army Knife” type app. This bad boy has 27 apps! Granted some of them are inside other apps but…27 apps! For $0.99/€0.79 that’s a fair deal – you’re going to use at least one of them! A lot of these apps will replace some of the others I have installed throughout my iPhone giving me some much-needed free real estate, not to mention that it’s a lot cooler-looking than the AppBox Pro (which I will probably still keep). The only downside is that a few apps need you to have a 3Gs to access things like the Barcode scanner and compass, also you need to be in the US to avail of the weather app.


Make your mind up as to which one you need or want – I went with both!


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