Solar-Powered Clothes?

I have a power converter in the car that runs from the cigarette-lighter input. I also have a triple adapter so that I can plug in the power converter (for the laptop), Sat-Nav (when the power is running low) and the iPod wireless frequency gadget (hooks the music up to the radio through a less-used frequency. A lot of wires says you but what if I could run all these from the shirt on my back? The boys in China have actually made that possible, check out the Solar Vest!

The Solar Vest is made out of canvas fabric material and comes equipped with four weatherproof solar panels attached on the back that feed energy into a battery pack inserted into the left front pocket. Whenever you need more power to keep your electronics powered-up, just attach a matching adapter!

It comes with seven device connectors and also features 5V, 6V, 9V, or 12-20 Volt outputs so you can connect gazillions of devices. This bad boy is available over on €91.77 and yes, they ship to Ireland!


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