TuneUp your iTunes

Here is the scenario: I have over 7000 songs in my iTunes library. These songs had, up until last month, been stored on a Windows machine running the iTunes 8. The ID3 Tags were kept in check and most albums had the correct covers. But when synced with the iPod, things changed a little – Albums covered were mixed up and some albums didn’t even have covers at all! When my music collection was moved over the the new Mac last month, the same problem persisted – and some songs had no other information apart from the track title. Who was I going to call? The answer is TuneUp: Digital Music Management and Music Discovery for iTunes.

TuneUp uses the same engine that runs Shazam (if you have an iPod Touch or an iPhone, download this for free in the App Store), the music identifier. Tune Up can clear up those mysterious “tracks: in iTunes, fix the incorrectly labelled ones, and even get album art you never had. TuneUp offers a free version (100 songs & 50 Album covers), a Gold Version (Annual Subscription – $20) or a Lifetime ($30).

TuneUp pops up as a sidebar and has various features for Twittering about your songs, viewing artists on YouTube and even a Concert Finder. To Clean your tracks, simply drag and drop and this beast does the rest!

Click here to visit their website and download the free version to try it out.


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