The Bro-Code according to Barney Stinson

  • Bro: A generic bro. He might wear a hat.
  • Brah: A bro who will wear a hat backwards with no ironic intent.
  • Broseph: No hat. He may be larger than a typical bro as well. Smokes.
  • Broseph Stalin: The Bro who will want everyone to split evenly for “fries for the table” even though he’s the only guy who’ll eat them. Also, may have killed 50 million people at some point.
  • Brah-Men Noodles: A cannibal brah, who puts men in his noodles.
  • The Bro-Zone Layer: An area filled with natural gas that protects the bros from harmful sun-rays outside. Also known as a Frat House.
  • Brahsifixiation: When a brah dies from carbon monoxide poisioning, yo.
  • G.I. Bro: A bro with combat experience, kung-fu grip.
  • Quid Pro Bro: The exchange of Natty Ice for Natty Ice.
  • Bro Mitzvah: When a bro becomes a Bro in the eyes of the community.
  • The Jim Bro Laws: A series of laws instituted by the racist bros of the south.
  • Bro Money, Bro Problems: The famous phrase coined by The Notorious B.R.O.
  • Bros before Bros: The confusing thought-experiment coined by Brahristotle

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