If it weren’t for those pesky MobileMe Kids…

The St. Petersburg Times has a fantastic report on how a couple of stolen iPhones were retrieved. The story begins with a mother and her stepdaughter boarding a roller coaster ride at the the SkeiKra roller Coaster in Tampa, Florida. This particular theme park, located at Busch Gardens, provides a handy service – unlocked storage bins for people who don’t want to lose their possessions. This pair of thrill-seekers unfortunately though it wise to drop their iPhones into the unlocked bins. Needless to say when they went back to collect them, they were gone.

All manner of law enforcement officials were immediately called and when the 13-year old remembered that she had a MobileMe account, she logged into the family account using an officer’s laptop and was able to locate both iPhones on the GPS Map using the Find My iPhone feature. A squad car was dispatched to the current location of the iPhones and a suspicious-looking guy quickly hid a mobile phone he was using when he saw the officers approaching. Of course this was their guy – the 25-year old admitted the theft and was later charged with grand theft, his 19th arrest!

This all happened in the space of 45 minutes and is not MobileMe’s only feature! Click here to visit Apple’s MobileMe and try it out for free for 60 days.


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  1. […] Posted by Damien Gallagher in Apple, Gadgets. Tagged: Apple, Engadget, iPhone, iTunes, MobileMe, Wifi Sync. Leave a Comment MobileMe seems to be the only option to sync your iPhone to your computer without using wires – this costs a bit of money though, check it out here. […]


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