Apple Crackdown

Looks like Apple are coming down hard on a plethora of apps in the App Store. A fortnight ago they went about removing most of the naughty apps (the ones with all the nudity), last week they began removing apps with ‘minimum user functionality’ such as Wi-Fi scanners. The developer of Three Jacks Software was the victim of an Apple crackdown as WiFi-Where was removed due to its alleged use of unpublished APIs within the iPhone OS software development kit. The developer of Three Jacks simply stated that it was ironic that Apple are removing such useful apps when there is so much junk available, WiFi-Where will undoubtedly be available on Cydia for those who are fond of jailbreaking.

An app was rejected earlier on last week due to it containing ‘minimum user functionality’ – this particular app had no other use but to quack like a duck.

This week Apple set its sights on apps that reproduce web content and use a ‘cookie cutter’ formula. As Tech Crunch state in their report, Apple has recently started cracking down on submissions to the App Store that are just “basic applications.” These apps are “little more than RSS feeds or glorified business cards.”

“In short, Apple doesn’t want people using native applications for things that a basic web app could accomplish,” the report said.

It’s yet another change in policy for Apple regarding the App Store – where do they go from here? Are they removing apps that they don’t like, apps that they feel are too competitive for Apple or are they removing all the fun? I, for one, do not want my Mr. T quote app gone.


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