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Wifi Sync your iPhone?

MobileMe seems to be the only option to sync your iPhone to your computer without using wires – this costs a bit of money though, check it out here.

But what about those of us who don’t want to fork out the €79 per year? Well the guys at Engadget have come up with an interesting app called Wifi Sync that lets you sync your iPhone to iTunes wirelessly, check out the teaser video here. Engadget will submit this app to Apple by the end of the week and hopefully Apple will approve it!


How Do You Start A Computer?

I officially start my ECDL tomorrow, which, in case you don’t know, is a European Computer Driving Licence. Anyone who knows me (and anyone who has read this blog) may have figured out that I know my way around one or two computers. But I lack the certification to prove to an employer that “Why yes, I do know how to turn that computer on“.

Anyway, it should keep my busy for about ten weeks and by that time I’ll be able to shut down a computer also. Thankfully the course is held online for the most part – I have to participate in a one-day-a-week workshop at the computer training centre – but the bulk of the E-learning is on on Moodle. I’ll be running all lessons, assignments and exams on a simulator through a web browser, which means I can do so from the safety of my MacBook Pro. The downside is that the interface is all Windows XP and Office 2003 – but we can get past that.

An Apple of Volcanic Proportions

Seems like the whole world is talking about it…a colossal explosion…the debris that will inevitably fall from the cloud…the heat that certain people will feel…

…no, not Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland…rather the erupting Steve Jobs in Apple-land! Yes we now know that some poor techie lost the iPhone 4 that he was testing…in a pub! And  somehow the guys over at Gizmodo acquired it for 5K and displayed it for the world to see before Mr. Jobs could unveil it himself! Apple have since demanded their prototype be returned – for the full story read it here on FastCompany

Facebook – F8 for Changes

Recent announcements of changes to Facebook are:

  • Facebook will try to spur members to become fans of more of its site’s Pages, which are profiles that organizations, companies and public figures set up to promote themselves and their brands.
  • Facebook will do this by suggesting specific pages that are related to information people have posted about themselves on their profiles – Alex Li, a Facebook software engineer said that ‘Once you make your choice, any text you’d previously had for the current city, hometown, education and work, and likes and interests sections of your profile will be replaced by links to these Pages’.
  • The ‘Become a Fan’ button will be replaced by a ‘Like’ button, Facebook adds that Page in the contextually relevant section of their profile ‘Info’ section. Remember that Facebook pages are public and anything posted will be visible by anyone.
  • Facebook has added a new type of profile page to its site called ‘Community’ meant for people to virtually gather around a shared interest or topic, much like a discussion board found on the Groups pages.
  • Facebook has also added a new privacy control that lets members hide their list of friends from their own friends.

These changes will be introduced over the next few days, probably after the annual developer conference, F8 on Wednesday.

What Time is it Mr. Jobs?

Ever wonder why in most pictures officially advertising the iPhone the time is 9:42? And even now with the iPad there is a similar trend showing the time 9:41. Apple-maniacs the world over have been attempting to solve the dated mystery, until now.

Check out this blog post from Secret Lab developer Jon Manning – iPad Day: 9:41 AM

Basically when Jon was visiting an Apple store he bumped into senior VP of iPhone software, Scott Forstall. Manning decided to ask Forstall about the time conundrum and settle the debate once and for all. Forstall replied by explaining that when a keynote is taking place the product reveal always happens around 40 minutes into the presentation.


The Republic of ‘Their’-Land

In a country where the majority of the population feel it is acceptable to lie on a tax form, claim an relief or benefit that they are not entitled to or draw a government welfare aid while they are working (and often earning more money than the dole they are stealing), it is not surprising then that the government itself is rather corrupt. In fact a lot of people would do at least one of the above as their way of getting back at the government.

Before going to University I applied for a government grant to which I was entitled to. I received at 3/4 allowance and this was fine as the means test results found that I was not dirt poor but could still do with a little help in paying for my college fees. However, when my father was filling out his part of the form, someone he knew (who shall remain nameless) informed him that if he simply “didn’t” put this or that down on the form, then I could avail of a 100% grant – thankfully my father seen this as being dishonest and ignored the advice. But that is the problem – the Irish people (and yes I am generalizing) are constantly looking for ways to cheat an already fraudulent administration.

Take this for an example (from the Irish Examiner dated April 20th 2010) – a mother-of-seven jailed for two months in Cork. Fair enough you might say, she must have committed some sort of a crime. The crime that she in fact committed was selling roses in Cork city centre. Say WHAT! I don’t know the full story but I can guess that she certainly wasn’t earning upwards on 200K and selling roses was only a hobby.

But what does our fine Taoiseach care? At one stage he was earning more than the US President. He would have been unavailable for comment anyway as he was away on his Easter break – the poor guy needed a holiday what with all the pressure and strain of trying to run a country. Fine Gael leader Enda Kenny has claimed that Cowen and Fianna Fáil are involved in a continuing “cover-up” of dealings at Anglo Irish Bank – read more here.

And this is the main problem – when the stewards of the country are bailing out the richest, for want of a better word (and there are many), twirps in the country and standing by them – how can this little nation move forward? These politicians, bankers and developers have sucked all the goodness out of the country and tossed us into the trash, and yet these criminals will never see the inside of a jail – unlike our rose-seller. Where is the justice even when it is our tax cents that is lining the pockets of these bankers (to bail them out and ensure they have a nice pension) and yet these same reprobates turn around and tell us “no you cannot have a mortgage, don’t be silly”.

I’m sorry but there is no longer an ‘Our’-Land – there is only a ‘Their-Land’.

Making History

Skies over Ireland are completely clear of air traffic for the first time in a long time. Restrictions ovet air space are on place until 6am tomorrow morning and anyone wishinh to travel need to check with the proper air authorities. Quite an historic day to be honest and what a glorious day at that! Check out this link for more info on the Icelandic volcano: but the basic info is that there is some ash in the sky that may make its way over Ireland and on into Europe.

And want could this mean for the carbon-conscious? Flights all over western Europe have been cancelled for at least a day – I’m sure the Eco-warriors are delighted and will probably try to claim that the volcano was their idea!