How Do You Start A Computer?

I officially start my ECDL tomorrow, which, in case you don’t know, is a European Computer Driving Licence. Anyone who knows me (and anyone who has read this blog) may have figured out that I know my way around one or two computers. But I lack the certification to prove to an employer that “Why yes, I do know how to turn that computer on“.

Anyway, it should keep my busy for about ten weeks and by that time I’ll be able to shut down a computer also. Thankfully the course is held online for the most part – I have to participate in a one-day-a-week workshop at the computer training centre – but the bulk of the E-learning is on on Moodle. I’ll be running all lessons, assignments and exams on a simulator through a web browser, which means I can do so from the safety of my MacBook Pro. The downside is that the interface is all Windows XP and Office 2003 – but we can get past that.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Why would employers care if your ECDL certified?! Surely safe to assume anyone with a college degree in the last ten years is competent on a computer?


  2. Yeah but if you want to teach the ECDL…


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