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Explore your iPhone

I must have tried at least 10 different iPhone apps that were related to getting my files on to my iPhone. The only options I really had were using Dropbox (which required an internet connection), using Google Docs (which required an internet connection) or emailing the files to myself and opening them on the iPhone (which required an internet connection) – can you see where I’m going here! On my iPod 80gig (5th Generation) I was able to use the “enable disk use” option and could pretty much store what ever I wished – in fact I used it as a PDA syncing the calendar, notes, etc. Obviously this is all done with iTunes on the iPhone but I was unable to cross that hurdle of getting anything other than a word/pages/pdf file on to my iPhone without the use of the internet.

iPhone Explorer (works with iPod too) allows you manually manage files on your device, or just use it as a flash drive, without jailbreaking!

iPhone Explorer is a tiny application (comes zipped at 2 megabytes) and has an easy drag-and-drop interface that lets you copy to and from your iPhone. You can manually transfer your photos, music or movies from your device back to your computer, or just add files to the iPhone.

The only concern is that multiple selection doesn’t work so well so if you need to transfer large amounts of files, you might want to try putting them into a folder to avoid crashes.

iPhone Explorer is a free download for Windows and Mac OS X 1.5+, requires iTunes 8 or 9 to use.