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“Flash Off” says Jobs

Steve Jobs recently posted an open letter explaining why he believes that Adobe Flash is not a good fit for the iPhone, iPod and iPad.

Over 1000 words long…what did he actually say?

SimonBlog has this to help us:

Steve Jobs cites six major reasons why he’d prefer to avoid Adobe Flash on Apple devices.

1. Adobe Flash is 100% proprietary – Apple is inclined to work on open web standards such as HTML5, CSS and JavaScript rather than 100% proprietary systems such as Adobe Flash. He defends the proprietary iPhone OS by mentioning that “all standards pertaining to the web should be open”

2. Alternatives for Web Video are available – Most videos on the web can be viewed on Apple devices without requiring Flash. Contrary to Apple’s claims, you do not need Adobe Flash to enjoy the ‘full web’ experience. H.264 is an ultra-modern video protocol which offers a great alternative to playing videos using Adobe Flash.

3. Poor Security – Flash makes Macs crash and it has a notorious history for security loopholes. Till date, there’s no mobile device which shows Flash performing well without any security issues.

4. Kills Battery Life – Flash is a performance hogger and a major reason for drained battery life. An iPhone running H.264 offers nearly double the battery life of an iPhone running on Flash.

5. Poor Touch Capabilities – Flash just doesn’t work well for touch interfaces. It relies heavily on a rollover concept where the position of a mouse cursor triggers certain actions. That’s hardly the best approach (in fact, it’s the worst approach) for a touch interface.

6. Avoid dependency on Third Party Tools – If developers grow dependent on third party development libraries and tools, they can only take advantage of platform enhancements if and when the third party chooses to adopt the new features. It basically means that Adobe’s cross-platform tools lead to mediocre and sub-standards apps.

While Adobe has reacted strongly to the above six arguments from Apple’s top boss, it has done little to elaborate its stand on the matter so far.


Wifi Sync your iPhone?

MobileMe seems to be the only option to sync your iPhone to your computer without using wires – this costs a bit of money though, check it out here.

But what about those of us who don’t want to fork out the €79 per year? Well the guys at Engadget have come up with an interesting app called Wifi Sync that lets you sync your iPhone to iTunes wirelessly, check out the teaser video here. Engadget will submit this app to Apple by the end of the week and hopefully Apple will approve it!

What Time is it Mr. Jobs?

Ever wonder why in most pictures officially advertising the iPhone the time is 9:42? And even now with the iPad there is a similar trend showing the time 9:41. Apple-maniacs the world over have been attempting to solve the dated mystery, until now.

Check out this blog post from Secret Lab developer Jon Manning – iPad Day: 9:41 AM

Basically when Jon was visiting an Apple store he bumped into senior VP of iPhone software, Scott Forstall. Manning decided to ask Forstall about the time conundrum and settle the debate once and for all. Forstall replied by explaining that when a keynote is taking place the product reveal always happens around 40 minutes into the presentation.


Multitask your iPhone

Apple will be introducing a multitasking solution through the handset’s 4.0 software update that will allow several party apps to run simultaneously and in the background.

People with a proven track record in predicting Apple’s technological advances tell AppleInsider that the Cupertino-based company has developed a “full-on solution” to multitasking on the iPhone OS but offered no specifics on how the technology would optimize resource conservation and battery life — two of the most critical issues surrounding the matter, alongside security.

Read the full report from Apple Insider here

The system’s phone, SMS, email, iPod, voice recorder, Nike+, and certain other bundled apps can continue in the background while another app is launched. However, third party titles obtained from the App Store (including apps from Apple, such as Remote or iDisk) can not be launched at the same time.

This behavior is prevented by the iPhone OS’ security model, which is designed to close the current app whenever the user returns to the Home screen or accepts an incoming call. This design prevents apps from being able to run in the background without the user knowing, and erasing any real potential for spyware, adware and viruses.

This isn’t a technical problem for the multitasking iPhone OS, but does introduce new issues for users. Because the iPhone OS doesn’t present a conventional windowing user interface, launching multiple apps requires the addition of a new interface mechanism that allows users to intuitively switch between apps without introducing too much new complexity.

Installing lots of background processes will inevitably eat up battery life and performance, so adding multitasking features that are valuable without creating a mess for users to deal with requires solving a variety of non-obvious problems that are very apparent on other mobile platforms that claim to deliver functional multitasking.

Potential solutions include saving the state of and parking the foreground app, or scaling down the execution of a background app, so that multiple app execution does not overwhelm the limited resources available on mobile devices. Either one would allow the user to quickly switch between running apps without seeing much downside. Today’s iPhone OS requires a brief layover to the Home screen before jumping from the current app to launch another one.

More system RAM and faster processors will also help to improve the experience of users who want to quickly switch between multiple apps.

Apple Crackdown

Looks like Apple are coming down hard on a plethora of apps in the App Store. A fortnight ago they went about removing most of the naughty apps (the ones with all the nudity), last week they began removing apps with ‘minimum user functionality’ such as Wi-Fi scanners. The developer of Three Jacks Software was the victim of an Apple crackdown as WiFi-Where was removed due to its alleged use of unpublished APIs within the iPhone OS software development kit. The developer of Three Jacks simply stated that it was ironic that Apple are removing such useful apps when there is so much junk available, WiFi-Where will undoubtedly be available on Cydia for those who are fond of jailbreaking.

An app was rejected earlier on last week due to it containing ‘minimum user functionality’ – this particular app had no other use but to quack like a duck.

This week Apple set its sights on apps that reproduce web content and use a ‘cookie cutter’ formula. As Tech Crunch state in their report, Apple has recently started cracking down on submissions to the App Store that are just “basic applications.” These apps are “little more than RSS feeds or glorified business cards.”

“In short, Apple doesn’t want people using native applications for things that a basic web app could accomplish,” the report said.

It’s yet another change in policy for Apple regarding the App Store – where do they go from here? Are they removing apps that they don’t like, apps that they feel are too competitive for Apple or are they removing all the fun? I, for one, do not want my Mr. T quote app gone.

If it weren’t for those pesky MobileMe Kids…

The St. Petersburg Times has a fantastic report on how a couple of stolen iPhones were retrieved. The story begins with a mother and her stepdaughter boarding a roller coaster ride at the the SkeiKra roller Coaster in Tampa, Florida. This particular theme park, located at Busch Gardens, provides a handy service – unlocked storage bins for people who don’t want to lose their possessions. This pair of thrill-seekers unfortunately though it wise to drop their iPhones into the unlocked bins. Needless to say when they went back to collect them, they were gone.

All manner of law enforcement officials were immediately called and when the 13-year old remembered that she had a MobileMe account, she logged into the family account using an officer’s laptop and was able to locate both iPhones on the GPS Map using the Find My iPhone feature. A squad car was dispatched to the current location of the iPhones and a suspicious-looking guy quickly hid a mobile phone he was using when he saw the officers approaching. Of course this was their guy – the 25-year old admitted the theft and was later charged with grand theft, his 19th arrest!

This all happened in the space of 45 minutes and is not MobileMe’s only feature! Click here to visit Apple’s MobileMe and try it out for free for 60 days.

The Joy of Technology